Synaesynth @ The Bella Union, Melbourne

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Goodtimes Forever Again

I was kindly invited to bring along my interactive colour to sound conversion instrument to “Good Times Forever Again”, a night which originated in Sydney and later made it’s way to (the welcoming open arms of) Melbourne.

The talent there was amazing, each band had a unique and well-explored sound, the entire night was set against a backdrop of wonderful animated illustrations by Meg O’Shea, some nude body painting and a legitimate magician. I’ve never seen someone make objects appear, dissapear and otherwise transmogrify right in plain sight before.

From the event page:

This is the second Goodtimes Forever show in Melbourne after the first big night back in April, making it the third since the event kicked-of started in Sydney.  This night is going to offer you a mix of the (un)usual music, art and goodtimes, but for the first time they’re gonna have a MAGICIAN!